Monday, January 23, 2017

Can You Wipe Your Own Bum?: Gaining Perspective on Life's Problems

I have been doing a bible study of sorts with many people via text and some of them send me their thoughts and perspectives on scripture we read, and I do the same.  Sometimes it turns in to personal discussions. This was one of those mornings.

I have a dear friend who never ceases to amaze me. He sent this to me this morning during our bible discussion as we were talking about our problems.  I had said something about viewing our problems with the correct perspective. He said he thought he understood a comment I made on keeping perspective on problems.

He wrote:
Can you wipe your own bum? Several years ago I had a friend who son was paralyzed from the neck down. I remember being bothered by stuff going on; just daily stuff and thought of that young man. I remember thinking I'll bet he would give anything to have my problems If he could  just get up and have them. He has to rely on somebody to wipe his butt.  How tough would it be for us to get used to?

It may come down to that...if you can wipe your own bum, life is good.

That may be my new catch phrase when people complain about things that are really small compared to the problems of others.

Perspective is  important, even in our prayer life.  Here is what started the conversation:

James chapter 5 day 2
I was asked by a gentlemen who is doing this study with me.
       James 5:16 the prayer of a righteous person has great power as it is working. What hinders our prayers ? When we tell others we'll pray for them are we, or am I able, how clear is my slate that I can approach God and ask effectively enough on others behalf?
My response:
 I tell people that when they pray for my family, pray as though it was theirs. There is a 19 year old girl her that was in a wreck Friday. In ICU critical condition and in a coma. Family is asking for prayer that she wakes up. I told the congregation last night to pray like it was their child. Cry out and groan in the spirit. Honestly, We don't pray for others, many times, because we don't care as much as we tell them we do.  If we did, we'd pray and even fast for them. It's not so much about being worthy or having a clean slate to approach the throne, it is about ridding ourselves of selfish apathy.
James earlier says, let your yes be a yes. If you say you're going to pray...pray.

That led to questions about prayers of thanksgiving.
I wrote:

Do we invest as much time in thankful prayer as we do in placing our to go orders to God?  No.  Why?
Because we aren't that grateful because We have so much stuff.   If we were, we would truly be joyful.  As it is we are a miserable bunch of folks...even in the church. We have so much here, it's difficult to really be grateful.   Like a kid that is over indulged on Christmas. They don't appreciate anything because they have everything. Much easier to be thankful for food when you're starving.
Be thankful today. Those who have only months to live, make the most of each day. You were dead but now you are alive. Live like it.

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